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Отправлено 28 September 2007 - 18:16

Нужны ответы на задание по информатике на юнит 3383.01.01;РУ.01;1...

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Отправлено 26 October 2007 - 14:36

Мне тоже нужны ответы на задания по информатике для юниты 3383.01.01;РУ;01;1 срочно! Помогите, пожалуйста, если у кого есть такая информация. Заранее благодарен всем! Не оставьте тему без внимания!

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Отправлено 28 October 2007 - 18:19

Привет. и мне нужна помощь - нужна домашка и ответы по МТ для юниты 3383.01.01;РУ.01;1 :rolleyes:

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Отправлено 26 November 2007 - 18:55

мне очень нужны ответы на  контрольную по информатике 3383.01.01;ру.01;

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Отправлено 26 September 2008 - 13:13

Kyt (26.11.2007 - 18:55) писал:

мне очень нужны ответы на  контрольную по информатике 3383.01.01;ру.01;
и мне [email protected]

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Отправлено 05 October 2008 - 20:01

И мне [email protected]

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Отправлено 07 October 2008 - 11:58

Всем привет! во-первых огромное спасибо создателям сайта!
а теперь огромная просьба - не могу найти ответы на экзамен по матанализу курс 3      1357.Экз.03;ТБПД.01;1 :rolleyes:  помогите пожалуйста!!!

пишите [email protected]
или аська 287046764

Заранее благодарна!!!

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Отправлено 03 May 2020 - 15:55

Очень нужны ответы на вопросы английского языка !!!
. Соедините части предложений
Education is very – important in our life.
He always tries to learn, find out, - who knows a lot about many things.
An educated person is a man – discover more about the world around him.

2. Last November, the foundation opened a free clinic in Los Angeles to help people who cannot afford America’s high cost of medical __________.

3. The Saxon King Alfred encouraged the arts __________ culture.

4. Установить связь между словосочетанием и переводом:
To play a crucial role in smith – формировать общественное мнение
Public relations – связи с общественностью
Forming public opinion – играть решающую роль в чем-либо

5. The main source of news for millions of people is __________.

6. Mass media mould public __________. Millions of people in their watch TV and read newspapers.

7. You must go or you will be late __________ the first lesson.

8. It contains an interesting collection __________ swords and standards of the “Knights of the Bath”.

9. The foundation operates a general hospital that provides free __________ care to the poor.

10. Students should always be attentive while they __________ listening to the lecturer.

11. As he had long lived in those parts and knew the place very well, __________ easily found his way to the market-place.

12. One part of Medicare covers all hospital costs for the elderly and is financed __________ a portion of the Social Security Tax.

13. The __________ service system in the US is currently stagnant.

14. His book is as interesting __________ mine.

15. He poured out a cup of coffee, sat down in an armchair and looked at the woman __________ was sitting opposite him.

16. Salaried doctors are the foundation of __________ practice in the United States.

17. A college grants a bachelor’s degree at the conclusion of __________.

18. On the __________ one can hear music, plays, news and various discussions or commentaries of current events.

19. Medicaid has greatly decreased the use of __________ care services by the poor.

20. Staffed with one part-time physician, two full-time administrators, the clinic also uses a large group of volunteer __________ personnel.

21. Art, culture and literature flowered during the Elizabeth an age, during the reign of Elizabeth I; __________ was the period of English domination of the oceans.

22. The Chapel is of stone and glass, so wonderfully cut and sculptured __________ it seems unreal.

23. A primary school may be divided into two parts - __________ and juniors.

24. The Internet has recently become another important source of __________.

25. Установить связь между словосочетанием и переводом:
To build up a public image – создавать имидж
To force attention to smth – привлекать внимание к чему-либо
To provide news output – обеспечивать выпуск новостей

26. Установить связь между словосочетанием и переводом:
“Tabloid” newspapers – бульварная пресса
Emotive reporting – эмоциональная подача материала
Publishing company – издательство
27. Установить связь между частями предложения
Then antibiotics wouldn’t be able – throat is caused by bacteria.
Antibiotics only help when sore – to cure people’s illnesses
To prevent this from happening, doctors try to prescribe antibiotics – only when they will help.

28. Here too, though these writers are not buried in Westminster __________, are memorials to William Shakespeare and John Milton, Burns and Byron, Walter Scott, William Makepeace Thackeray and the great American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

29. Cats __________ not so clever as dogs.

30. Установить связь между словосочетанием и переводом:
system of options – фиксированные в расписании уроки
set periods – система выбора предметов для изучения
scholarship – стипендия

31. My sister need not write this letter. I shall phone __________.

32. The towers were built between 1735-1740. One of the greater glories of the __________ is the Chapel of Henry VII, with its delicate fan-vaulting.

33. Since the far-off time of William the Conqueror, Westminster Abbey has been the crowning place of the __________ and queens of England.

34. The Abbey is compared __________ a mausoleum, because there are tombs and memorials of almost all English monarchs, many statesmen, famous scientists, writers and musicians.

35. Some of the TV and radio stations and __________ are owned by different corporations.

36. There is always a great variety of __________ on TV: news and sport programmes, talk shows and TV games, documentaries and feature films, concerts and theatre performances.

37. Founded entirely with private donations, the clinic is outfitted with new medical equipment and spends an average of US $75 per month on each __________.

38. Установите связь между частями предложения
recreational facilities – жесткая конкуренция
sharp competition – места отдыха и развлечений
negative attitude – негативное отношение

39. We can’t wait for them any longer, we must ring them up and find __________ what has happened.

40. Установите связь между словосочетанием и его переводом
maintained school – местные органы народного образования
system of options – система выбора предметов для изучения
local education authorities – субсидируемые школы

41. After I __________ written this exercise, I began to doubt whether it was correct.

42. American __________ and colleges are usually built as a separate complex, called “campus”, with teaching blocks, libraries, dormitories, and many other facilities grouped together.

43. His hair __________ not so long as his brother’s.

44. He has no language problems, because he has been studying English __________ a long time.

45. Because the clinic encourages appointments, there is usually time to screen patient __________ their eligibility.

46. Установите связь между словосочетанием и его переводом
bachelor’s degree – степень бакалавра
Bachelor of Arts – бакалавр естественных наук
Bachelor of Science – бакалавр гуманитарных наук

47. You __________ take a taxi if you want to catch that train.

48. There are more ten TV __________ and lots of radio stations and newspapers now in the Russian Federation.

49. Most children start school at __________ 5 in a primary school.

50. Установите связь между словосочетанием и его переводом
nursery schools – дошкольное учреждение
Eleven Plus Examination – отборочные экзамены в 11 с половиной лет
Primary School – общая начальная школа

51. There many of the greatest writers are buried: Geoffrey Chaucer’, Samuel Johnson, __________ Dickens, Alfred Tennyson, Thomas Hardy and Rudyard Kipling.

52. Установите связь между частями предложения
Ruth rose early, went out for a newspaper and some rolls, made coffee, - and escaped quickly before their blurred faces and slippered feet could spoil her morning.
As she opened the front door to leave, she could hear the others greeting the day from their beds with a variety of complaining noises, - and washed up, all before anybody was stirring.
There would be lectures until lunch time, - tutorials in the afternoon.

53. Установите связь между частями предложения
Visit your doctor if this cold lasts for more – like Sudafed or Actifed.
If you have a cold with sinus drainage, you may use over-the-counter medicines, - you should visit your doctor within the next day or two.
If you have a sore throat and a fever, but you just feel mildly ill, - than two weeks, or if it gets worse.

54. Установите связь между частями предложения
Self-employed private physicians who charge a fee for each patient visit – are the foundation of medical practice in the United States.
Most physicians have a contractual relationship – with one or more hospitals in the community
Such individuals can go to public hospitals, where they can always receive treatment in an emergency, - but they often fail to obtain routine medical care that could prevent later chronic or serious illness.

55. Установите связь между частями предложения
The United States today has evolved a mixed system – of private and government responsibility for health care.
While private citizens and health insurance companies spent about 230 thousand million dollars on health care in 1986, - which are the cause of the common cold.
Antibiotics don’t help when sore throat is due to viruses, - federal, state and local governments spent 179 thousand million dollars for medical services of all kinds.

56. Установите связь между частями предложения
It is a well established fact that the high quality – informing and educating, questioning and challenging – and of course – entertaining.
The media play a central role in Britain’s daily life, - of British television is upheld by the BBC.
In recent years the availability of more radio frequencies, together with satellite, - cable and microwave transmissions, has already made a greater number of local, national and international services possible.

57. Установите связь между частями предложения
Some newspapers publish serious articles on politics – economy and finance, some aim to entertain their readers.
The Internet is providing, increasingly, - an additional medium for information, entertainment and communication.
The transition from analogue to digital transmission technology is – now expanding this capacity enormously.

58. Установите связь между частями предложения
As a result some rare species of animals, birds, - of man’s careless interaction with nature, sign of ecological cities.
Every year world industry pollutes the atmosphere with about 1000 million – tons of dust and other harmful substances.
The pollution of air and the world’s ocean, destruction of the ozone layer is the result – fish and plants disappear forever, a number of rivers and lakes dry up.

59. Установите связь между частями предложения
These relate to various related services facilitating – from September to March but others are permanent in nature.
Today more people look for quality vacations where they can relax – such as travel agencies, banking, hotels, guides, airlines and other services.
Some of them may be seasonal, limited to the tourist season – and also do something and interesting.

60. Соедините части предложений
During the first two years students usually follow general courses in the art or – doctor’s degree or a job immediately after graduation.
Credits (with grades) are awarded for – sciences and then choose a major – the subject or area of studies in which they concentrate.
A college prepares the student for either graduate study leading to master’s or – the successful completion of each course.

61. Соедините части предложений
The 6 – 3 – plan consists of a six-year elementary school, - followed by a four-year high school.
This traditional patterns, however, - a three-year junior high school, and a three-year senior high school.
The general pattern of education in the USA is an eight-year elementary school, - has been varied in many different ways.
62. Установите связь между частями предложения
Among the famous prisoners executed at the Tower were Henry VIII’swives – Ann Boleyn and Catherine Howard.
It is now a museum of arms and armour, - and as one of the strongest fortresses in Britain, it has the Crown Jewels.
It was here that Thomas More, the great humanist, - was falsely accused and executed.

63. Установите связь между частями предложения
Britain’s premier library, the British Library in London, - and European paintings dating from the 13th century to modern times.
Next door to the National Gallery is the National Portrait Gallery with about 10,000 portraits – contains a copy of nearly all significant works published in English.
The National Gallery houses a vast collection of British – of famous figures from British history, some dating from the 14th century.

64. Установите связь между частями предложения
In the 11th century, Edward the Confessor after years spent – higher than any other English church (103 feet) and much narrower.
Since then the Abbey remains the most French of all English Gothic churches, - in France founded a great Norman Abbey.
In 200 years Henry III decided to pull down the Norman Abbey – and build a more beautiful one after the style then prevailing in France.

64. Установите связь между частями предложения
The front desk is the term that designates the counter where the guests register, - but also advertising and public-relations techniques.
The executive staff of a hotel includes many people with special skills, - experience or professional training.
The promotion staff, for example, must know not only the hotel field, - pick up their keys and mail, request information, deposit their valuables, and pay their bills.

65. Установите связь между частями предложения
Many newspapers express certain political – with extra detail, comments and background information.
In short, you can always find a paper – which suits your interests.
The advantage of all the newspapers is that they usually provide us – and people choose them according to their own political beliefs.

66. Установите связь между частями предложения
The keys are finally carried to the Queen’s House – where they are safe for the night
Five minutes before the Headwarder comes out – with a bunch of keys and an old lantern.
Every night at 10 p.m. in the Tower of London – the Ceremony of the Keys (or locking up of the Tower for the night) takes place.

67. Установите связь между частями предложения
It was founded in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, - of the most ancient buildings of London.
For many centuries the Tower has been a fortress, - a place, a prison and royal treasury.
The Tower on the north bank of the Thames is one – but each monarch has left some kind of personal mark on it.

68. Установите связь между частями предложения
Maxwell predicted that this electromagnetic energy could move – proved mathematically that these electrical disturbances could be detected at considerable distances.
Radio first became a possibility when the English physicist Michael Faraday demonstrated – that an electrical current could produce a magnetic field.
In 1864 James Clerk Maxwell, a professor of experimental physics at Cambridge, - outward in waves travelling at the speed of light.

69. Соедините части предложений
He wasn’t able to go – to stay here.
You shouldn’t – to school.
You have – drive a car.

70. Установите связь между частями предложения
He sat down quickly, - his face buried in his hands.
Then she sprang away and ran around the desks and benchers, - but rather on the distant scene at the lake.
Clyde sat up, his eyes fixed not on anything here – with Tom running after her.

71. Установите связь между частями предложения
Teenagers are often influenced by so-called “bad guys” – and begin to smoke, take drugs and drink.
Nowadays it has more rights than before and is free to demonstrate itself – and thoughts were not taken into consideration.
For many years youth in Russia was somehow suppressed and its ideas – as it wants but in the rules of law, of course.

72. Установите связь между частями предложения
Work on Wren’s masterpiece began in 1675 after a Norman church, - and Wren was an old man before it was finished.
For 35 years the building of St. Paul’s Cathedral went on, - must give the password or be turned away.
After the ceremony everyone who approaches the gate – old St. Paul’s, was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666.

73. The National Curriculum which was introduced in 1988 sets out in detail the subjects that children should study and the levels of achievement they should reach by the ages of 7, 11, 14, and 16, when they __________ tested.

74. He put on his coat, went out and looked at the cars __________ were passing by.

74. Установите связь между частями предложения
As a result, the government has decreased Medicaid services by making the requirements – and the scope of the medical care available, vary widely from state to state.
The requirements for receiving Medicaid, - for those entitled to participate in the program more stricter.
Medicaid has proved more costly than expected, and has been exploited for unjustified gain by some physicians.

75. Установите связь между частями предложения
It is so-called, because if someone whispers close to the wall on one side, - with a golden ball and cross on the top.
After looking round you can climb 263 steps to the Whispering Gallery, a person with his ear close to the wall on the other side can hear what is said 32 metres away.
From far away you can see the huge dome – which runs round the dome.

76. There are two broad categories __________ labour law.

77. Установите связь между частями предложения
There are seventy independent local – was established in 1936 by the government.
It provides five radio stations. The BBC also runs thirty seven local radio stations, providing material of local importance.
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – radio stations in Britain.

78. Установите связь между частями предложения
Sometimes food and beverage department in some hotels – brings in more income than room rentals.
The chefs and cooks, even thought they are out of sight of the public, are important to the success of a hotel.
The head housekeeper runs a complex organization with many employees, - they need to know the intricacies of purchasing on a large scale, as well as how to make beds and clean carpets properly.

79. Установите связь между частями предложения
A short term course or diploma in travel and ticketing of 3-6 months – and tend to absorb most of the candidates.
Several large travel agencies also offer short-term training programs, - duration will help gain entry into an agency.
Most travel agencies demand persons who have a pleasing personality – and the ability to deal with customers.

80. Соедините части предложений
During the four-year high school program the student studies four or five major subjects per year, - with a vacation of week or two at Christmas time and sometimes a shorter one in spring.
The school year is nine months in length, beginning early in September and continuing until about the first of June, - until the age of sixteen or until the student has finished the eighth grade.
Students enter the first grade at the age of six and attendance is compulsory in most states – and classes in each of these subjects meet for an hour a day, five days a week.

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    Помогите! не могу пройти:
    Контроль и ревизия ( позетовое тестирование и тест-тренинг)
    Методы оптимальных решений (тест-тренинг)
    Ответы на антимух не подходят(

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