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Англ. язык в профессиональной сфере (для «Государственного и муниципального управления»)

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Отправлено 26 February 2016 - 16:31

Закачайте пожалуйста ответы на второй модуль
5536.02.01;МТ.01;1. заранее спасибо

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____________definition of a constitution is that provided by the Oxford English Dictionary.
The only

_______constitutions are written down and embodied in a formal document.

A legislature is a type of representative assembly with the power_______, amend and ratify laws.
to create

Constitutions also define the relationships between the state and the individual and usually include the listing of the ______of the citizens.

Constitutions describe the fundamental rules according_____ which states are governed.

Constitutions set out how decisions are_____, how power is distributed among the institutions of government, the limits of governmental authority and the methods of election and appointment of those who exercise power.

Every country has a constitution of some kind, but the term is used in two different but_________ ways.

In most systems the executive has a power of veto _____legislation, and even where this is lacking, the executive may exercise original or delegated powers of legislation.

In presidential system of government, the legislature is considered a power branch which is equal_____, and independent of, the executive.

In the Russian Federation recognition and equal protection shall______ given to the private, state, municipal and other forms of ownership.

Legislatures, then, are not ________lawmaking bodies.

More than 58 million voters took part in the referendum_____ the new draft constitution.

More than 58 million voters took part_____ the referendum on the new draft constitution.

Most constitutions are written down and embodied in____ formal document.

Most constitutions are written down and____________ in a formal document

The bearer of sovereignty and _______only source of power in the Russian Federation shall be its multinational people.

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Отправлено 18 April 2016 - 13:15

The bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in the Russian Federation shall be its multinational_____________.

The Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation is composed of an image of____ two-headed golden eagle on a red French armorial escutcheon.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation and federal laws shall________ supremacy in the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

The current coat of arms is based on the Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire (1882); the new state symbol succeeded the out-of-_____ Coat of Arms of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (after the USSR disintegration).

The federal constitutional law On the National Flag of the Russian Federation establishes the State flag of the Russian Federation, _____description and the procedure of its official use.

The flag is the official state symbol, same as the emblem and the anthem, and ________unity and harmony, culture, national identity and state sovereignty

The law _________by a legislature is called legislation or statutory law.

The Russian Federation is a social State whose policy is aimed _____creating conditions for a worthy life and a free development of man.

The three branches of government______: legislature, executive and judiciary.

The two-headed eagle as a state symbol can be traced as far back as the rule of Tsar Ivan III, who used it on his royal seal in 1497, though images of two-headed eagles_______ found in earlier Old Russian art, e.g. on Tver coins.

We, the multinational people of the Russian Federation, are united_____ a common fate on our land.

What does a constitution__________?

Written constitutions are important in states which have_______ subjected to internal dissention and upheaval over a long period.

Верна ли грамматическая конструкция в данных предложениях? A) Britain does not have such a written statement. B) Judicial system is the system of courts which administer justice in the name of the sovereign or state.
А - да , B - да

Верна ли грамматическая конструкция в данных предложениях? A) In all modern states there are at least two levels of government: the central government and the local governments. B) What forms liberal democracy take?
А - да , B - нет

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спасибо большое!!

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