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Отправлено 25 Май 2015 - 16:03

Помогите!!! Не могу сдать 4414 ЭЭ. Ответы вообще не подходят. Может кто помочь?

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. If she ______ at home now, she’ll come to us.
. If she is at home now, she __________ to us.
will come
. If she were here now, she ____________ me in such situation.
would support
______ I use your textbook?
A lot of cooking ________by my mother for my wedding party.
was done
A lot of cooking is _____ by my mother for my friends.
A new skyscraper _________in our City at the moment.
is being built
According to the schedule she _______ arrive at 10 minutes past seven.
is to
Ann asked Bob __________ her in the evening.
not to meet,, to meet
At first they had decided to go to the North, and then they changed ___ minds.
Can you ________?
dance,, play the piano
Did he tell you when he_________?
arrived,, would arrive
Everyone in the village is invited ______ the wedding.
Have you ever been______?
to Greece,, to the China
He had been watching TV___________ before we came to him
for 4 hours,, for long
He must arrive ______ time.
He said he_______ been a teacher.
He told me that we__________ to the cinema in the evening.
would go
Her brother ___________ before she came to visit him.
had gone
I ___________ along the street when I saw a mother of my friend.
was going
I ___________ help you.
am able to,, ought to
I ____________read this text if you help me.
will be able to
I am speaking _______ my friend at the moment.
to,, with
I am sure he will ______ translated everything by this time tomorrow.
I am sure he will have translated everything _____ next week.
I bought these shoes in the central department-store after I _________old pair.
had snaped
I didn’t do my hometask because I__________ my books at school.
’d forgotten,, had forgotten
I have been reading this book ____________.
for several hours,, since yesterday
I hope the letter will have been sent ______ the appointed time.
I knew that he ______________ from the University a 10 years before.
had graduated
I knew that he ______________ graduated from the University a 10 years before.
I knew we ________________ that text before.
had read
I saw that she ___________ something.
was reading
I was going along the street when I _____ a friend of my brother.
I was reading French exercises in my notebook _______ .
at 12,, at that time yesterday
I was sleeping ___________.
for 3 hours,, the whole day
I was sure that he __________ his hometask at that time, but not playing games.
was doing
I was walking _______ the street with my friend when I suddenly saw my brother’s new girl-friend.
along,, in
I will be able to do that work if you _______ me.
come and help
I_______ do this work myself.
may,, might
I___________ find my suitcase. I don’t remember where I have put it.
If I do not have dinner ____ home, I will buy something to eat.
If I stay at home, I_________ late
’ll be,, will be
If it had rained, we would have stayed at home___________
last month,, yesterday
If it rained, we would stay at home__________.
tomorrow evening,, tonight
If it snows, we ___________at home
shall stay,, will stay
If she ______ here, she would do it by all means. It goes without saying.
If she had been here, she ___________ it by all means yesterday. It goes without saying.
would has done
If she had been to London last month, she ____________the British Museum.
would have visited
If we do not get the first bus, we will wait ____ the next one.
If you don’t know an answer to this question, you _____ ask me to help you.
If you translate this article into Russian, I shall use it in my speech _____________
in 3 days,, next lesson
If you translate this extract from the article into English, I_________ it in my speech.
shall/will use
It is snowing_______.
at this minute,, just now
Look ______ me : I am skating!
Look at this couple: they are dancing ________
at the moment,, at this moment
Mother asked me _____________ late.
not to be
My boss asked me when I _________to work.
arrived,, had arrived
My colleague ________ work hard.
can’t,, couldn't
My colleague_______ work hard.
was not able to
My groupmate is to arrive _____ half past eight.
My mother informed me that she would call me _____the evening.
My parents had ________having a rest for 7 days before I came to them.
My parents had been having _____rest for 7 days before I came to them.
My parents had been having a rest for 7 days before I came ____ them.
My son asked me________ with him.
to play
Nick informed us he usually____________ with his lessons.
was tired
Renault cars ___________ in Russia.
are made
She ___________ on the sofa while she heard a shout.
was reading
She ________________ the dishes since morning.
has been washing
She __________does this exercise today.
can’t,, needn’t
She _______translate this difficult text without a dictionary.
can not,, could not
She bought ______ butter.
a stick of,, some
She has been translating this article _______ the time she came home.
She has______ translating these articles since morning.
She is reading the new very poplar book of one famous writer _______.
at the moment,, now
She must _____ very tired.
She was reading a newspaper while she ________ a noise.
She will be able________
to play chess,, to swim
She__________ to the shop.
has been sent,, was sent
The article __________________.
is being writing,, was written
The article_________ by me.
was written,, will be written
The bridge is built ___ this moment.
The film had ended________ they came.
before,, when
The girl is playing ________ her friend.
The house is being sold at _____ moment.
The important articles ___________at the lessons.
are translated
The letter was written _____ one famous writer.
The letter was written ______ a pen.
The mail _________ every day and every minute.
is brought
The party ___________ before I arrived.
had ended
The play __________today.
has been seen
The teacher informed us that we ______________ a test next day.
would read
These computers are made ______Japan.
They __________ help their sick grandparents.
They _____________this problem for half an hour before I came.
had been solving
They didn’t know who _______it.
broke,, had broken
They had been discussing this problem for half an hour before I_______ a decision.
They will come to us if it _________.
doesn’t snow
They will have write the article _________________.
by 3 ,, by this time tomorrow morning
This exercise___________ tomorrow.
will be done
Warm beds __________ by our pets.
are liked
We __________ three new people at the birthday.
meet,, met
We ________________ the test for 2 hours when she comes to us.
will have been reading
We have _____ translate this text in time.
We knew that he _____a doctor.
had been,, was
We knew the test _______ be so difficult.
We knew the test would _____ so difficult.
We might _____ this translation of the text ourselves.
We saw they_______ playing football.
We usually _______ chess after supper.
We were watching TV when they _________.
We will be discussing something when the teacher _____ in.
We will have been translating the test for 2 hours when she ________to us.
We_________________ TV when they arrived.
were watching
What ________ you reading now?
What cars are made _____ Russia?
What is happened ______ the married couple?
has been broken,, was broken
Where will they go, if the weather is fine__________?
next mohth,, next week
Where would they go, if the weather were fine________?
this evening,, this morning
Where would they have gone, if the weather had been fine__________?
last month,, the day before
While we were watching TV, someone _______ our safe.
Who are you waiting ______?
Who has_____ write this article?
Who told you that he____________.
had arrived,, would arrive
Will she _________ come in time to meet her family at the railway-station?
be able to
Соедините части предложений
I met people == in the park.,, They gave me and my friend == a lift home.,, We were getting ready for the lesson when our == teacher came in
Соедините части предложений
Can you help == me with my English?,, We might do this work == ourselves.,, Will you be able to == do it in time?
Соедините части предложений
My question is == being answered now.,, My question was == answered 8 minutes ago.,, My question will == be answered in a month.
Соедините части предложений
At the airport they will == be met by their friends.,, They are always == met by their friends.,, They have just == been met.
Соедините части предложений
I am often invited to go to the park == by my fiance.,, The exam is being == taken by the students of our group just now.,, Warm beds are == liked by dogs.
Соедините части предложений
It has already == been bought by my mother.,, It was == bought by my mother.,, It will == have been bought by her by 7.
Соедините части предложений
The house has already == been sold.,, The house is == being sold at the moment.,, The house was == sold last year.
Соедините части предложений
Everyone was sent == an invitation to the wedding.,, These cars are == made in Russia.,, When are the documents given == to the married couple?
Соедините части предложений
I needn’t use == this tape – recorder.,, They have to sign this == contract at the meeting. Everything will be fine!,, You needn’t do == this work today. I will do it myself.
Соедините части предложений
I was at my summer cottage one afternoon sitting in front of the fire == and watching the TV.,, Somebody rang the door bell. I wasn't expecting anyone, == so I was quite surprised.,, When he called me, I == was traveling at that time.
Соедините части предложений
I will wait for you == tomorrow. OK?,, My friends and I usually == travel together.,, When she came into my office, I was == speaking on the phone.
Соедините части предложений
He is == sleeping just now.,, It is snowing == now.,, When does your brother == work?
Соедините части предложений
Look at these children: == they are skating very well.,, Look! My friend is == walking with her dog.,, Where does Kate usually == go after lessons?
Соедините части предложений
Did you ski == last Sunday?,, He was crossing the road in the wrong place == when the car hit him.,, I was doing morning == exercises at that time yesterday.
Соедините части предложений
I was walking along the street when I saw == a friend of mine.,, She was lying in bed == when she heard a noise downstairs.,, She was reading the notes while she == heard a noise near her flat.
Соедините части предложений
Hamburgers are eaten == in a lot of countries all over the world,, MacDonald’s hamburgers == are sold in the whole world.,, Nissan cars are == known all over the world.
Соедините части предложений
It usually == snows here in autumn.,, It will be == snowing at this time tomorrow.,, Look! It is == snowing now!
Соедините части предложений
My colleague == could translate this difficult article. His English is perfect.,, Pasta in Italy is to be eaten as a == a starter.,, She must be == very busy.
Соедините части предложений
I am to == cook dinner for my family.,, May I use == your computer?,, We are to read books == in the evenings.
Соедините части предложений
I am sure he == is a schoolboy.,, I was sure he == was a schoolboy.,, I was sure he would == be a schoolboy.
Соедините части предложений
He said it usually == snowed here in autumn.,, He said it was == snowing at that time.,, He said it would == be snowing from 3 till 4.
Соедините части предложений
She said that her husband == was a doctor.,, She said that her husband had == been a doctor before.,, She said that her husband would == become a doctor soon.
Соедините части предложений
We didn’t know that you == studied there.,, We didn’t know that you had == studied there 2 years before.,, We didn’t know that you were == studing there at that time.
Соедините части предложений
My brother == asked me not to play chess with him.,, My brother asked me == to play chess with him.,, My brother asks me to == play chess with him.
Соедините части предложений
If you call me == I’ll go to musical with you.,, If you called me == I would go to musical with you.,, If you had called me yesterday == I would have gone to musical with you.
Соедините части предложений
If it had rained yesterday == we would have stayed at home.,, If it rained == we would stay at home.,, If it rains == we’ll stay at home.
Соедините части предложений
We would have read the article == if we had had time yesterday.,, We would read the newspaper == if we had time now.,, We’ll read the newspaper == if we have time.
Соедините части предложений
I would be at the university == if you came.,, I would have been at the university 2 days ago == if you had come.,, I’ll be at the university == if you come.
Соедините части предложений
If I go out this evening, == I will tell you.,, If I had gone out that evening, == I would have told you.,, If I went out this evening, == I would tell you.
Соедините части предложений
I would do my homework == if I stayed at home,, I would have done my homework == if I had stayed at home,, If I stay at home, == I will do my homework
Соедините части предложений
If they knew the answer, == they’d tell you.,, If we do our homework, we’ll be == able to watch TV.,, We’ll have an accident == if you drive so fast.
Соедините части предложений
I’d travel abroad == if I had the money.,, If I were you, == I’d take an umbrella.,, If someone at a party asked me, == I’d dance with her.
Соедините части предложений
If I had more time, == I’d read much more.,, If I want, == I’ll do it without your help .,, If it snows, == I’ll take an ambrella.
Соедините части предложений
I’d cut my finger == so I went to the doctor.,, I’ve cut my finger. == Look!,, The train had left when the guard == blew his whistle.
Соедините части предложений
Her brother had become ill == before she got there.,, I bought these shoes after == I had tried them on.,, I will have == done everything by 6.
Соедините части предложений
He had decided to go to Moscow == before he called her.,, He will have packed his suitcase == before he calls a taxi.,, The children will have come to the cinema == by 4.
Соедините части предложений
He has been putting his car to the garage == for 15 minutes.,, He has forgotten to take his == passport.,, I didn’t do my homework == because I had left my books at home.
Соедините части предложений
It has already == rained.,, It has been == raining since morning.,, They haven’t == decided it yet.
Соедините части предложений
Our students will have passed == the exams by February.,, They promised that they would have arrived == by the end of the week.,, We have == seen Mary today.
Соедините части предложений
I had met him == by that time.,, They invited us to the play == which we had already seen.,, We haven’t == arrived yet.
Соедините части предложений
They are having == supper now.,, They have just == had supper.,, They usually have == supper at 4.
Соедините части предложений
Although we quite like pasta, == we don’t have to eat it very often.,, I like salad with meat or fish == but my husband needn’t eat meat.,, She ought to == return books to the library.
Соедините части предложений
Do you have == to change your mind?,, The weather must == change. I hope.,, We can == swim well.
Соедините части предложений
We knew that he == worked here,, We knew that he had worked here == 2 years before.,, We knew that he would work here == in future.


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