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Помогите с Английским, ЭВМ и перефир устр

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#1 kiruha87



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Отправлено 13 Декабрь 2012 - 18:12

Помогите пожалуйста не могу найти английский 4414.08.01;МТ.01;1 4414.09.01;МТ.01;1 4414.10.01;МТ.01;
                                                            ЭВМ и перефирийные устройства 1221.01.01;МТ.01;1 и 1221.02.01;МТ.01;1
У кого есть скиньте на почту      kiruha58-87@mail.ru        спасибо.                                                                            

#2 Leka



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Отправлено 13 Декабрь 2012 - 21:22

Будьте добры,и мне помогите плз с английским 4414.07.01;MT.01;1  4414.08.01;MT.01;1

leka_a_lek@mail.ru заранее спасибо

#3 Pavor



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Отправлено 24 Январь 2013 - 21:04

___ you tell what event we are celebrating?
Could A bag is a thing ___ shopping in
for carrying A camera is a thing ___ pictures with
for taking A garage is ____ your car in
to keep A pencil is a tool ___ with
for drawing A raincoat is ___ you from the rain
to protect A telephone is a thing you use ___ to people at a distance
to talk A vacuum-cleaner is ___ the carpet
for cleaning An envelope is a thing ___ you put a letter
where College is the place ___ you can get specialized education
where Has he ever ___ a splitting headache?
had Has she ever ___ by plane?
flown Has she ever ___ English courses?
taken He __ to wear a tie at the official party
ought to He ___ go to bed early tonight
ought to He ___ his temperature. He ___ it an hour ago
has taken - took He ___ take up some sport to be healthy
ought to He ___ to dance with you
is not able He has driven the car ____ ten years
for He hasn’t seen the doctor ___ a few months
for He is the man ___ Alice loves
who Here’s the photo of the man ___ my daughter has married
who I _____ New Year abroad
have never celebrated I ‘d like to buy a hat ___ will match my new dress
which I think we’ll have luch at the café __ we met last time
where I’ve got a friend ___ is a pilot
who If you want to go to the USA you ___ learn English
ought to It is the thing ___ I am looking for
which It’s rather warm. You ___ take off your coat
should My daughter __ teacher’s qualification
has obtained My father ___ help him as he had no time
couldn’t My son ___ to Italy. He ___ there last week
has never been - went New Year’s Eve is the day ___ I love most of all
that She ___ her licence recently. – I know. She ___ it last week.
has got - got She ___ see a doctor today
ought to She ___ to her mother’s house since childhood
hasn’t been She looks very sick. She ___ call the doctor in
has to Sociology is the science ___ stydies human society
that St.Valentine’s Day is the holiday __ we celebrate on February 14th
that The train is late. We ___ hurry to the station
mustn’t These shoes are good ___ in the mountains
for climbing These shoes are very good ___ in the forest
for walking They ___ spend so much time at the computer
shouldn’t They have never ___ a car in their life
driven This is a greeting card ___ I’m going to send her
which To have more friends she ___ join some club
should We ___ pay the money last week but not now
could We ___ write to her at once
must We have ___ visited our Granny
already We use shoe polish ___ our shoes
for polishing Where ___ I take a bus?
can Why ___ they buy a new flat? They ___ pay for the car
can’t - must Why ___ you do it now?
can’t You __ take this medicine in an hour
should You ___ allow other vehicles to go first
must You ___ park your car on the pavement
can’t You ___ send him a birthday greeting card
should You use a dishwasher ___ your dishes
to wash Your boy ___ spend so much time playing chess
shouldn’t Верна ли грамматическая форма? A) She is the girl who my son loved most of all B) This is the place where we would like to go Подберите правильный ответ
А - да, В - да Верна ли грамматическая форма? А) A camera is a thing to take pictures with В) A key is a thing for opening a lock Подберите правильный ответ
А - да, В - да Верна ли грамматическая форма? А) A holiday is a day to merry-making В) A sweater is a thing to wear in cool weather Подберите правильный ответ
А - нет, В - да Верна ли грамматическая форма? А) Can you give me some advice? В) Must I leave at once? Подберите правильный ответ
А - да, В - да Верна ли грамматическая форма? А) Has he ever visited Turkey? В) They have been to the seaside Подберите правильный ответ
А - да, В - да Верна ли грамматическая форма? А) He have studied French for two years В) They have just got married Подберите правильный ответ
А - нет, В - да Верна ли грамматическая форма? А) He have to send him a greeting card В) Can I do anything for you? Подберите правильный ответ

Извините ребята. Тест не весь. Чем могу

#4 Alesya_perova_Перова



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Отправлено 28 Февраль 2013 - 15:30

У кого есть мт по английскому 4414.08.01, 4414.09.01, 4414.10.01  вот моя почта alesya_perova@mail.ru

#5 СкрепкА



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Отправлено 28 Февраль 2013 - 17:29



#6 Нина098



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Отправлено 02 Март 2013 - 08:22

и мне нужен английский 4414.09.01, 4414.10.01  помогите кто нибудь

#7 Lolita



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Отправлено 01 Июнь 2013 - 23:18

4414.10 МТ Английский 10 модуль! Пожалуйста,пришлите ,у кого есть  buzuka911@mail.ru

#8 ganja



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Отправлено 26 Октябрь 2013 - 08:27

Помогите пожалуйста,скиньте если есть ответы на 4414.10.01;МТ.01;1
А то остался только этот тест сдать((((

#9 AntiSgaMuh


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Отправлено 23 Ноябрь 2013 - 19:59

извиняюсь не ветный файл выложил....перезалил

Сообщение отредактировал AntiSgaMuh: 17 Февраль 2014 - 16:05

#10 ритуля



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Отправлено 10 Декабрь 2013 - 07:24

помогите, скиньте у кого есть 4414.10.01;мт.01;1   на   andreeva.margarita.88@mail.ru

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